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Allow us to be your additional workforce, we can custom fit to any budget!

We specialize in:

  • Minimum & Abandoned Housing Investigation & Enforcement 

  • Minimum Standard for Non-Residential Structures Investigation & Enforcement

  • Overgrown Lots 

  • Accumulation of Junk, Trash & Debris 

  • Open Storage

  • Animal & Vegetation Putrescence 

  • Junk, Nuisance & Abandoned Vehicles

  • Abandoned White Goods

  • DOT Right-of-Way Sign 

  • Banner & Flag Management

  • Zoning Violations

  • Updating/Writing New Ordinance

  • Special Projects

  • And Much More!


We also offer Town Planning & Zoning Administration services.

We have access to a proprietary database which allows us to track down those individuals that cannot be located. This ensures that those individuals who own properties in your Town, are identified & properly notified.


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