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Brandon T. Emory

Owner / BS / MS / Certified Housing Code Official / Planner / Zoning Admin

Brandon is the owner of Alliance Code Enforcement LLC (ACE). He spent most of his career in the Law Enforcement and Security field. He was a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer with most of his career being a Criminal Investigator. He obtained his Advanced Law Enforcement Certification and was also a General Instructor. In addition, he possesses both a Bachelor’s of Science Cum Laude Degree and a Master’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. He transitioned into Code Enforcement because he saw a gap. There was a service that needed to be provided that Municipalities were unable to fulfill.


Christopher Curry

Inspector / Certified Housing Code Official / FTO

Chris graduated from Guilford Technical Community College. As an experienced Code Enforcement Inspector, Chris started his career as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer. He also possesses extensive customer service experience and the highest level of professionalism. Chris is an effective communicator and has developed the skill of working with individuals from all walks of life to ensure a positive outcome for all.       


Derek Mabe


Derek is an Army Veteran and a previous sworn law enforcement officer. With this experience, Derek is truly an asset to our team. Attention to detail is exactly what this job needs and Derek's ability to analyze and act allows him to ensure he stays on top of all the issues facing any town. In addition, his care and concern for others allows him to handle situations in a way that might otherwise be ignored.         

Matt Davis



Matt has spent most of his career in the Law Enforcement & Sales fields. He has an eye for detail and the personality to have a positive interaction with anyone he meets. He excels at providing clear and concise instructions while maintaining understanding with the individuals in violation. Additionally, Matt ensures he always keeps the Town personnel informed of what's going on.   


Matt Davis.jpg

Carrington "CJ" Lucas

Inspector / Certified Housing Code Official

CJ is a United States Navy Veteran; he was also previously a sworn law enforcement officer. CJ is very family oriented and as a result, his empathy carries over into his work. Always the professional, CJ is able to utilize his previous training to excel in the Code Enforcement field. His goal is to successfully enforce the local Ordinance ensuring compliance while educating the public on the the specific codes.   



Ruth Emory

Inspector / BS / Certified Housing Code Official

Ruth has a Bachelors of Science degree with honors in Business. She has spent most of her career in Project Management, Personnel Management & Customer Service. She has a great understanding of Zoning and often assists Planning Boards on a regular basis. She has a passion for Code Enforcement and truly cares about the individuals she works with in her communities.


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